Surrounded by four rivers and considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Cuenca is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sights and sounds of a colonial town that still clings to its roots. Cuenca's cobblestone streets, graceful ironwork balconies, and beautiful gardens are all part of the serene atmosphere of this historic city.

Cuenca was declared a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. The city is located along the Inca Highway that joined Cusco and Quito during the pre-Columbian Empire, making it a perfect location for those who would like to learn more about pre-Columbian and colonial culture. Additionally, Cuenca is considered to be Ecuador’s intellectual and cultural center, boasting various universities and many of the country’s most impressive museums, theaters, and cultural presentations.

Outdoor activities such as trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, bird watching and natural landscape expeditions are possible in Cuenca and its surroundings.
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