Welcome to Andean Global Studies Spanish School in Ecuador

Andean Global Studies (AGS) offers and designs customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn Spanish while exploring the natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador.

AGS courses focus on the personal and professional needs of each student, offering a variety of specialized programs including: Spanish Immersion, Spanish Lessons Online, Medical Spanish, Preparation for the D.E.L.E. Exam, Traveling Classroom, Spanish and Culture and Studies in Quichua language.

In addition to studies, AGS invites the students to immerse in Ecuador's rich and diverse culture, while exploring the natural wonders of the country through our schools in Andean cities of Quito and Cuenca, or the beach cities of Manta and Montanita. AGS Institute coordinates cultural outings, sporting events, outdoor adventures as well as volunteer and internship opportunities to suit the tastes of all students.

Our Spanish Schools

quito spanish school............... manta spanish school

cuenca spanish school............... montanita spanish school

spanish online


Students recommendations

In order to fulfill requirements of my school for credit and funding AGS was required to be very flexible; out of all programs I researched none were more accommodating than AGS........ Ben Read more

Special Offers

Choose one of our featured programs in Quito with special prices and get tours for free and the amazing rainforest!

- 2 weeks in our unique branch in the rainforest!
US $1.070.00
- 2 weeks: Quito and the Rainforest school!
US $885,00
- 3 weeks: Quito and the Rainforest school!
US $934,00
- 4 weeks: Quito and the Rainforest school!
US $1.130,00

See more options and details...

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