Montañita, which means “Little Hill,” is situated on the Ecuador’s Santa Elena peninsula. It is just over two hours from the bustling port of Guayaquil, and a three hour drive from Manta. In the 1960s it was a small fishing village and hippie beach destination, but has since become known as a multi-cultural mecca known for its lively characters. It boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on Ecuador´s south coast.

Having grown considerably over the past 50 years, Montañita has all the modern conveniences of nearby Salinas, including fancy restaurants and resort hotels, but it is not nearly as crowded. The nightlife is bustling, and hotels in the town center may be too noisy for those looking for a respite from city noise; however, true relaxation can be found in the cabanas and resorts along the beach. Montañita’s climate is consistent with that of a tropical, coastal city. Its average temperature is 28°C/82°F. The warm weather and prime waves draw swimmers and surfers despite the sometimes-drizzly weather.
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