The Amazon Rainforest is a marvel of the world and the imagination, an ecosystem of unrivaled size and diversity, a place of near mythical status. We invite you to glide through its snakelike rivers, walk through the forest in middle of giant trees, be amazed by its rich flora and fauna, and listen to the people while you learn about their ancient culture. Ahuano is a small village in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazonia, mainly inhabited by Kichwa indigenous people, surrounded by a beautiful pristine nature and rich native culture.

Our privileged location lets us to offer you a wide range of activities and tours. You can enjoy educational hikes in the primary rain forest, explore the rivers by canoe, bird watching, forest exploration to look for monkeys, visit a native indigenous family, particapate in a Shaman cleansing ceremony, float on a tube down the river, make artisnal chocolate with the finest quality cacao in the world, and so much more.
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